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Glen Foster has been designing and creating furniture in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec (Canada) for twenty years. His work has found places in many homes, and is celebrated for the fine craftsmanship and beauty of proportion and form.

His influences range from simple Shaker designs , the classic forms of Sheraton and the Federal style, as well as the arts and Crafts designers and furniture makers, such as Charles Rennie MacIntosh  and William Morris.  More recent influences are found in the work of George Nakashima, through the use of live-edge forms, and James Krenov, with his separation of lower and upper elements, as well as his strict attention to the selection of woods for the specific project at hand.

 Glen Foster works in a modest, but well-equipped workshop in a comfortable treed environment in the Gatineau Hills.  He  ascribes to the philosophy of William Morris, who believed that the quality of one’s work is inextricably tied to the comfort of the working environment.  In tandem with this philosophy , Glen  is capable with modern wood-working machinery, but will always use hand tools when they provide the better result.

 Glen builds furniture of his own design, and also takes on many custom orders from clients.

 Glen’s interests range further afield from furniture-making.  He pursues an interest in photographic art (see as well as piano playing and piano teaching.  He believes these interests are all intrinsic to improving the quality of his work, in whichever discipline.

He is a member and President of the Chelsea-Wakefield Annual Studio Tour, as well as Chair of the Wakefield La Peche Arts Council.  These volunteer activities are part of his efforts to expand the economic vitality of the arts in the area.

Please contact Glen Foster (see “Contact” page) if interested in his designs, or would like to discuss custom work.


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